Friday, July 27, 2012

Fingers All-Second Decade Team -- SS

I believe shortstop, like catcher, will be a close vote.

From Seasons 11 to 20:

21 All-Stars
9 players went to multiple All-Star Games @ SS
Hugh McNeil led the way with 6 selections. Jay Worrell went to 5 ASGs. Pablo Delgado, Carlos Sanchez and Kennie Duncan went to 3.

9 Silver Sluggers
4 players won multple Silver Sluggers @ SS
H. McNeil won 6 times. Duncan won 4. Worrell won 3 and Kevin Pong won 2.

14 Gold Glovers
3 players won multiple Gold Gloves @ SS.
Jose Javier earned 5 Gold Gloves. Zoltan McNeil and Marino Martinez won 2 each.

No SS during the decade went to an All-Star Game, won a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove.

No SS won an MVP Award or Rookie of the Year Award.

The Players:

6x All-Star, 6x Silver Slugger, 1x World Series Champ

1330G (1253 G@SS), 5002AB, 946R, 1468H, .293, 344HR, 944RBI, 210SB, 569BB, 781K

decade @ SS: 294E, 7+, 75-
career @ SS: .953F%, 5.35FR

3x All-Star, 4x Silver Slugger, 1x ASG MVP

1209G (699 G @ SS), 5120AB, 921R, .297, 213HR, 768RBI, 284SB, 402BB, 569K

decade @ SS: 181E, 6+, 30-
career @ SS: .953F%, 5.13FR

5x All-Star, 3x Silver Slugger, Hit for Cycle

1469G (1342G @ SS), 5467AB, 798R, 1513H, .277, 245HR, 746RBI, 108SB, 462BB, 877K

decade @ SS: 192E, 85+, 14-
career @ SS: .970F%, 5.46

1x All-Star, 5x Gold Glove, Hit for Cycle

1460G (1395G @ SS), 4717AB, 524R, 1156H, .245, 177HR, 581RBI, 6SB, 236BB, 1213K

decade @ SS: 154E, 176+, 6-
career @ SS: .970F%, 5.40RF

2x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger, 1x World Series Champ

906G (543G @ SS), 4045AB, 719R, 1174, .290, 198HR, 692RBI, 179SB, 410BB, 410K

decade @ SS: 112E, 5+, 30-
career @ SS: .961F%, 5.08RF

3x All-Star, 1x Silver Slugger, 1x ASG MVP, 1x Home Run Derby Champ

1143G (681G@SS), 4175AB, 704R, 1168H, .280, 284HR, 822RBI, 3SB, 579BB, 748K

decade @ SS: 120E, 7+, 31-
career @ SS: .966F%, 5.90FR

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