Monday, July 27, 2009

All-Star Game 12

WP: Kenny Borders
Rico Macias
The National League was able to cling onto a 12-11 victory in 12th installment of the Fingers League All-Star Game. The teams combined for 25 hits, 6 HRs, and 20 pitchers used. In total, 327 pitches were thrown and 53 of the 60 All-Stars played.


Trenton's Alex Rivera hit a two-out grand slam off of Felipe Moreno in the 5th inning which extended the NL's lead to 11-6. Rivera finished the game 2-for-2 with 2 runs and 4 RBIs.

Not the Game's Only Grand Slam: Boise's Juan Henriquez
4th inning pinch hit granny off of Moises Mendoza gave the AL its first and only lead of the ballgame.

Starting Pitchers: This matchup may end up being booked again in Game 1 of the World Series. Both showed up for the All-Star. The first two innings were the only innings of the game that neither team scored. 12-2, 1.97 ERA

13-0, 2.95 ERA

The Only Host: Everett Dresden was the only Memphis player to make the NL squad. He batted 8th and started in CF in what was his first all-star appearance. Dresden went 1-for-5 and his RBI single in the 5th tied the game at 6. He later scored on Rivera's grand slam.

Loves the All-Star Game: MuckLucks DH Spike Cambridge hit a 2-run HR in the 6th. He has now hit a HR in each of the last two All-Star Games.

Sanchez hit 29 HRs in route to beating Clarence Black 5-3 in the final round of the HR Derby. Black hit 19 HRs in round 1, but only managed 5 more in the final 2 rounds.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Scottsdale's Donatello Davey passed Frank Chong to become the winningest pitcher in Fingers league history. The 36-year-old currently stands at 186 wins, 2 more than Chong. Davey's career dramatically improved when mcbain10 took over the Scottsdale franchise in Season 5. He was 52-45 through Season 4, and has a record of 134-65 since.

A compatable pitcher in Real Life would be Jimmy Key. Although Davey is not a lefty, his career numbers so far are similar to Key's.

Jimmy Key 186-117 - 2591.2 IP - 3.51 ERA - 1.23 WHIP - 8.7 H/9 - 2.30 K/BB
Don Davey 186-111 - 2563.0 IP - 3.84 ERA - 1.29 WHIP - 8.7 H/9 - 2.24 K/BB


Armas is the next all-time winningest pitcher in Fingers. He's at 161 wins right now (only 32-years-old) and he plays for the MAPS. In two or three seasons he will own that record. But what would it take to get to 300?

At exactly 8.5 years into his career, he's averaging 19 wins per season. At this pace he would hit 300 near the end of Season 19 when he'll be 39 years old.

The biggest factor will be whether he's in a MAPS uniform for a majority of his remaining career. If he is, he has a chance at 300. If not, I think his ceiling is 270 career wins.


Philadelphia chose Cedar Valley College (TX) righthander Leon Padgett with the first overall pick in the Season 12 draft. Padgett, 19, is a hard thrower that projects to dominate righthanded hitters with one spectacular pitch and a decent second pitch. Stamina and control look good, but durability will be a concern. But leave no doubt that this guy was worthy of the number 1 pick as he was far and away the best pitcher in the draft.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mr. 4th of July

Milt Abbott hit 2 extra inning walk-0ff home runs on July 4th vs. Baltimore. With the score tied at 3 in the bottom of the 12th inning of the PM1 game he hit a solo shot to center field off of Santiago Cortez. And in the PM2 game he crushed a three-run homer to left off of Rafael Miranda. That home run broke a 5-5 tie in the 11th.

Abbott, 23, is a former 2nd round draft pick playing in his 2nd big league season. He has hit 16 home runs in 449 career ABs.

Special props to:
-- Trenton's
Sammy Mota who hit 3 home runs in the July 4th PM2 game vs. Memphis.
-- Boston's
Carlos Izquierdo for pitching a 5-hit complete game shutout against the Chicago Blackhawks.


-- 2nd Overall pick in Season 6
-- In the Majors by Season 7
-- 28 wins - 38 losses, 4.69 ERA in first three seasons
-- 41 wins - 14 losses, 3.06 ERA since
-- This season: 6-0 in 6 starts, 1.38 ERA

Most Similar Real Life Player: Kevin Millwood

per 162 game season
Kevin Millwood: 14-11/ 208 IP/ 208 H/ 92 ER
Boomer Charles: 13-10/ 212 IP/ 214 H/ 94 ER

Kevin Millwood: 164 K/ 3.99 ERA/ 1.31 WHIP
Boomer Charles: 159 K/ 4.00 ERA/ 1.29 WHIP

Kevin Millwood: .259 oav/.316 obp/.400 slg/ 2.58 K/BB
Boomer Charles: .257 oav/.312 obp/.405 slg/ 2.64 K/BB