Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bonk Blake

Became the 2nd player in Fingers History to reach 2,000 hits with an RBI single off of Brian Nakano in the 9th inning of the 6/26 AM game.

Comparable Real Life Player: Jimmie Foxx

162 Game Average

Foxx: 569 ab 122 runs 185 hits 37 hr 134 rbi .325/.428/.609
Blake: 576 ab 126 runs 191 hits 37 hr 124 rbi .331/.440/.600

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Memphis @ Atlanta
Charleston @ Baltimore
Vancouver @ Chicago
Iowa City @ Colorado Springs
Sante Fe @ New Orleans
Portland @ Philadelphia
Salt Lake City @ San Diego
Trenton @ St. Louis

Chicago @ Detroit
Washington @ Hartford
Houston @ Jackson
Las Vegas @ Salem
Boise @ Scottsdale
Cincinnati @ Seattle
Boston @ Syracuse
El Paso @ Tampa Bay

Friday, June 5, 2009

Spring Training - Season 12

Things to Watch in Season 12:

The jump in offensive numbers for the M.A.P.S. after the move from pitcher-friendly N.Y. to extreme hitter-friendly Hartford.

The effect that same move has on the M.A.P.S. All-Star rotation.

Will the motey's money pay off? Portland PooHoles spent. $169.8 million on 4 pitchers in free agency.

Horacio Martin vs. Louie Ma for the AL Batting Title.

The Philadelphia Phonetics young lineup. decks has 5 former 1st rounders (3 of them were Top-5 picks) and a $18.7M International Free Agent.

Bonk Blake's return to themehl's franchise needing only 7 hits for 2,000.

The Spartans trying to win the pennant with the oldest team in the AL (30.6 years).

Highest Player Ratings in Fingers ML


- highest rated player in Fingers
- 3rd overall pick in Season 5 Amateur Draft
- current contract: 5 yrs/ $52.5M
- lost AL Rookie of the Year to David Calderon
- 3x AL All-Star, 3 x AL Silver Slugger SS
- Career Stats: .307/.367/.556, 133 HRs, 450 runs, 446 RBIs