Sunday, March 27, 2011


Here's a little bit of draft history. Only four players drafted in the 18th round or later have played in the big leagues.

Season: 8
Round: 24
Pick: 767
Owner: reitsmania
Franchise: Jackson
Age: 18
School: Edinburg HS (--)
Location: Edinburg, IL
Signing Bonus: $16,000

52 ML Games; 82 IP; 4-5; 4 saves, 4.94 ERA
Season: 4
Round: 23
Pick: 743
Owner: wihargo
Age: 20
Franchise: Anaheim
School: San Jacinto College-Central (SO)
Signing Bonus: $16,250

358 ML games; 196/939; .209 BA; 29 HR; 127 RBI
Season: 4
Round: 20
Pick: 640
Owner: dwevans24
Franchise: Pawtucket
Age: 22
School: Martin Luther College (SR)
Signing Bonus: $18,000

468 ML games; 459/1751; .262 BA; 112 HR; 304 RBI

Season: 2
Round: 18
Pick: 600
Owner: dedelman
Franchise: Trenton
Age: 18
School: Lodi HS (--)
Signing Bonus: $20,000

399 ML games; 393.1 IP; 25-19; 8 saves; 4.69 ERA

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Player Awards Predictions


Dessens won 16 games in 26 starts after being traded to Monterrey. Undoubtedly the win total increase with a full season in the National League. The lefty is one of the few pitchers that can throw 240+ innings. That should help bloat his strikeout number.

Don't count out - Leonardo Walker, Vicente Delgado

Kind of hard to choose any other American League pitcher. Charles has won three straight Cy Young Awards. He's also won 22 games in each of the last three years. He may go down as the best pitcher of the Fingers League's second decade. He's won 141 games since Season 11.

Don't count out - Rico Macias, Mariano Perez


Henriquez is the perfect hitter. His contact, power and splits are grade A. Then you throw in an almost perfect eye. He's a guarantee to hit .300 with 30 home runs, score 100 runs, drive in 100 runs and walk 100 times.

Don't count out - Taylor Glynn, Bruce Drabek

Just let us vote Moore into the Hall of Fame right now. The guy is a first ballot lock. He's already won four AL MVP Awards, countless Silver Sluggers and has been selected to a zillion All-Star games. Moore is only 31 years old so his career offensive numbers will continue to swell.

Don't count out - Louie Ma, Kevin Pong


Zerbe was the 10th overall pick in Season 14 draft. The 22-year-old rookie hit .262 in 103 big league at bats last season. His contact is projected to be of elite status. His batting eye and splits don't appear to be that far behind.

Don't count out - Roger Haren, Lee Bonham, Harry Navarro

Archie Miller was drafted 4th overall in Season 13. He has hit 51 home runs in each of his last two minor league seasons. The power this guy has rivals Chuck Moore. He had a .717 career slugging percentage in the minor leagues. Miller will absolutely wreak havoc on left-handed pitching and he should be able to steal some bases too. His speed and power combination is unseen in this world. If he had a brain on the base paths he'd be a 40-40 guy, maybe even 50-50.

Don't count out - Ernest Richard