Thursday, April 14, 2011

All-Star Notes

Did anyone notice who is not on the AL All-Star team this season? The great Louie Ma. It is only the 2nd time since Season 9 that he has missed making the AL All-Star team.

Vicente Delgado will be making his 11th trip to the All-Star Game. Santos Lopez is making his 9th. Chuck Moore, Leonardo Walker, Al Duvall - 7th. Russ Bale, Luis Hernandez - 6th.

Three Former All-Star MVPs will be playing. Kennie Duncan Season 17. Chuck Moore Season 16. Alex Rivera Season 12

Five former #1 Overall Draft picks will be playing: Brad Tebeau, Chuck Moore, Roger Haren, Santos Lopez, Leon Padgett

Average Age:
AL pitchers - 28.7
2.5 All-Star appearances per pitcher
NL pitchers - 28.9
3.1 All-Star appearances per pitcher

AL position players - 27
2.9 All-Star appearances per player
NL position players - 27.5
2.4 All-Star appearance per player

There are 12 players on the AL roster and 14 on the NL who are playing in their first All-Star Game. Harry Zoltan is the oldest first timer. He's 32.

     123456789  RHE
AL 000000100  170
NL 00002000x  271
LP: Charlie Strong
MVP: Harry Martinez 1 for 1, rbi double, scored eventual game-winning run
Starting Pitchers: Brad Tebeau AL, Leonardo Walker NL

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mid-Season Report - AL

AL North
MVP: Rafael Silva
Cy Young: Pablo Ordonez
Rising Star:

AL East
MVP: Archie Miller
Cy Young:
Rising Star: Darrell Rivera

AL South
Cy Young: Ivan Costilla
Rising Star: Banana Nichols

AL West
MVP: Hal Pickering
Cy Young: Charlie Strong
Rising Star:

Mid-Season Report - NL

NL North
MVP: Jose Crespo
Cy Young:
Rising Star: Wes Lewis

NL East
MVP: Dario Dickens
Cy Young: Marc White
Rising Star:

NL South
MVP: Ike Riggs
Cy Young:
Rising Star: Frank Cho

NL West
Cy Young: Leonardo Walker
Rising Star: Damon Zerbe