Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hall of Fame Gold-Ink uses black-ink and gray-ink tests to determine whether a player is Hall of Fame worthy. Those two tests rely on yearly league leaders data that is not available in HBD. We do have awards info (gold-ink) available so here's an easy test to compare future nominees to the average HOF.

The fourteen current Fingers HOF position players totaled:

101 All-Star appearances
79 Silver Slugger Awards
24 MVP Awards
8 Gold Glove Awards
2 Rookie of the Year Awards

15.29 personal accolades per HOF position player.

The eight current Fingers HOF pitchers totaled:

63 All-Star appearances
19 Cy Young Awards
5 Fireman of the Year Awards
4 Gold Glove Awards
2 Silver Slugger Awards
2 Rookie of the Year Awards

11.88 personal accolades per HOF pitcher.