Monday, January 19, 2009

115 Games Down

A little under 3/4 of the season is through. And a few single-season records are teetering on the edge. Looking at the numbers, there will be no shock if these are broken well before the season is over.

New York's Tomas Armas and Rico Macias are flirting with the record for wins in a season. Armas has 20, Macias 19. 3 players hold the record with 24. Both players should surpass 24 wins. The edge goes to the 3-time AL Cy Young Award winner, Armas, because of his durability and stamina. He has already started 29 games, and may reach 40 by season's end. He's the clear-cut favorite for his 4th Cy Young. Macias, a rookie, will battle for the Cy Young as well as the Rookie of the Year.

CF Jin-Chi Lee of the Little Rock Travelers is having the best year for Stolen Bases in league history. He already has 87 SBs, which puts him on pace for 122. The record of 100 SBs is owned by Seattle's Zachrey Dunn. But there seems to be no way that this record shouldn't fall. On a side note, Jin-Chi is only 3 SB away from 300 for his career - in only 3+ seasons.

Sacramento's Emil Limon (another AL Rookie) has 35 saves on the season. He may make a push for the record the Clarence Lidle's record of 51 in Season 7. Limon is on pace for 49 right now. Another 22-year-old AL closer, KC's Gene Greer has converted 32 of 33 save opportunities. Season 7 had Miguel Santana convert 41 of 42. With 47 games left, there are plenty of more chances for Greer to make a serious challenge to the record.