Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fingers All-Second Decade Team -- 1B

First Base isn't tough. The selection is obvious. There's some good players listed below but Chuck Moore is far and away the best 1B of the decade.

Between Seasons 11 to 20:

21 All-Stars
8 went to multiple All-Star Games
Chuck Moore played eight All-Star Games @1B. Juan Henriquez played in five. Cristobal Johnson and J.D. Aspromonte were three-time All-Stars @1B.

10 players won Silver Sluggers @ 1B
Moore won six times. Henriquez won five. Neifi Martin won twice.

17 players won Gold Gloves @ 1B
Randy Walker, Ivan Campos and Rich McFarland won twice each.

Chuck Moore was the only 1B in the decade to be selected to an All-Star team, win a Silver Slugger, win a Golden Glove and win a World Series.

Chuck Moore 4x AL MVP -- S12,S13,S15,S16
J.D. Aspromonte 1x NL MVP -- S17
Everth Furcal 2x NL MVP -- S19,S20

Neifi Martin NL ROY -- S13

The Selection:

4x AL MVP (S12,S13,S15,S16)
9x All-Star (8 @ 1B, 1 @ LF)
7x Silver Slugger (6 @ 1B, 1@ LF)
1x Gold Glover
1x All-Star Game MVP
2x Home Run Derby Champion

1620 G (1458 @ 1B), 6589 AB, 1257 R, 1995 H, .303, 632 HR, 1528 RBI, 679 BB

His Season 16 may be the greatest season ever:
160 R, 225 H, 29 doubles, 6 triples, 74 HR, 185 RBI, 71 BB, 69K, .334/.403/.725/1.128

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