Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fingers All-Second Decade Team -- 2B

Do you want to know who the greatest 2B of the second decade was? Just ask bunting.

From Seasons 11 to 20:

24 players made the All-Star game @ 2B.
9 went to multiple All-Star games.
Louie Ma went to seven. Horacio Martin and Archie Miller went to three each.

9 players won Silver Sluggers @ 2B.
4 won multiple times.
Ma again trounced the competition. He won 8 times during the decade. Buzz Stewart is next with three awards.

17 players won Gold Gloves @ 2B.
3 won multiple times.
Bruce Davis, Slick Pierre and Ben James won two times each.

No second basemen went to an All-Star Game, won a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove during the decade.

Louie Ma won three AL MVP Awards - S11, S14, S17
Cam Long won one NL MVP Award - S18

Cam Long - NL S18
Archie Miller - AL S18

Shout out to Cam Long for being the first player in Fingers history to win ROY and MVP in the same season.

The selection:

7x All-Star
8x Silver Slugger
1501G (1486 G@2B), 5872AB, 1222R, 1936H, .330, 404HR, 1271RBI, 384 doubles, 57 triples, 862BB, 586K, 88SB
19+, 32-, 146 errors
career @ 2B: .980 F%, 5.05FR

Won three AL batting titles during the decade.

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