Friday, July 5, 2013

26th Fingers League All-Star Game

National League 10, American League 1

WP: Ernest Richard
LP: Yuu Komatsu
HR: Ray Bunch
Player of the Game: Everth Furcal -- 2 for 3, 3 runs, 2 bb

Game Facts:
- Komatsu and Pete Norris were the stating pitchers.
- Two hits, two errors, two walks and two fielder's choices led to six National League runs in the opening frame.
- J.T. Decker had an impressive first inning. In the inning, he hit two singles, scored the game's first run and drove in a run.
- Four pitchers (2 for each league) pitched two scoreless innings. Richard and Randy Paulson for the NL. Gustavo Samuel and Fernando Saenz for the AL.
- Thurman Fiorentino and Jerry Parker made plus plays in the field.
- There were 15 singles and only two extra-base hits.
- Colorado led the AL with nine All-Stars and four starters. All four starters went 0 for 2.
- The Gringos led the NL with five All-Stars and three starters.

28 BOMBS!!!


This year's All-Star Game was held at Principal Park in Iowa City. The Corn Kings didn't have an All-Star representative but Taylor Glynn was chosen master of ceremony.  His list of accomplishments is a mile long.

Four-time NL MVP; five-time All-Star; five-time Silver Slugger; one-time Gold Glover; one-time NL Batting Champion; one-time Home Run Derby Champion; Season 10 Rookie of the Year Award winner; 568 career home runs; Hit a home run at 40 years old; Approaching 2,500 career hits and 2,000 career starts in RF.

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