Monday, August 20, 2012

All-Decade Team -- LF

From Seasons 11 to 20:

26 All-Stars
9 players went to multiple All-Star games @ LF.
Julian Alcantara was selected 4 times. Brett Krause, Alex Arroyo and Bruce Drabek went to three All-Star games.

13 Silver Sluggers
4 players won multiple Silver Sluggers @ LF.
Alcantara won four times. Dale Pritchett won three; J.D. Aspromonte and Drabek won twice.

16 Gold Glovers
3 players won multiple Gold Gloves @ LF.
Thurman Ellenwood won three Gold Gloves. Dan Gibson and Hipolito Lee won twice.

No MVP Award Winners.

Three LF won Rookie of the Year Awards.
J.D. Aspromonte NL S14
A.J. Hurst NL S16
Bruce Drabek NL S17

Drabek was the only LF to win a World Series, be selected to an All-Star game, win a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove.

The Players:

3x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger, 1x Gold Glove, 1x World Series Champ
562G (532G @LF), 2176AB, 383R, 669H, .307, 98HR, 439RBI, 210BB, 299K, 93SB
decade @LF: 10E, 34+, 0-
career @LF: .988, 1.89RF

Rookie of the Year, 2x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger
1061G (563G @LF), 4074AB, 822R, 1131H, .278, 310HR, 738RBI, 546BB, 649K, 222SB
decade @LF: 22E, 0+, 29-
career @LF: .980, 1.79RF

4x All-Star, 4x Silver Slugger, 4x World Series Champ
1386G (695G @ LF), 5575AB, 1180R, 1722H, .309, 340HR, 1120RBI, 738BB, 895K, 285SB
decade @LF: 28E, 15+, 15-
career .977, 1.82RF

3x All-Star, 1x Silver Slugger, 1x World Series Champ
1475G (1152G @LF), 5417AB, 876R, 1409H, .260, 358HR, 945RBI, 608BB, 947K, 48SB
decade @LF: 26E, 41+, 1-
career @LF: .987, 1.85RF

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