Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quarter Season Mark

We're a little over 1/4 of the way through Season 22 and the Monterrey Gringos just became the last team to lose its 10th game. Holy fuck that's a good team! Same goes with Tampa Bay. Is it too early to lock them in to the World Series?

MLB News:

Rookie Pitcher Dominates
3 CG
65.1 IP
8 ER
1 HR Allowed
.191 OAV
0.99 WHIP
1.10 ERA

Kick Ass Closer
16 for 16 in save ops
16 IP
1 ER
0.56 ERA
The only earned run occured when an opponent with a 32 speed rating beat out a double play with a man on third and one out.

AL Triple Crown Race?
.351 AVG - 1st in AL
17 HR - Tied 2nd in AL
59 RBI - 1st in AL

.350 AVG - 2nd in AL
17 HR - Tied 2nd in AL
48 RBI - Tied 4th in AL

Pair of Cycles
@ Angels Stadium in Anaheim (Ballpark Factors: 0,-2,-2,0,0)
triple in first inning
single in third
double in fifth
single in seventh
2-run home run in ninth

@ Fenway Park in Boston (Ballpark Factors: 2,4,0,1,0)
triple in second inning
single in fourth
single in fourth (yes, he had two singles in 4th inning)
double in sixth
2-run home run in seventh
struck out in eighth

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