Friday, April 20, 2012

The Quest of 3,000 Hits

I'm freaked out! It's the Fingers version of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Both are 35 years old.
Both are switch hitters.
Both have four MVP Awards.
One is from Boston.
One is from the Bronx but plays in Boston.

Both Ma and Moore are within 500 hits of 3000. Louie Ma needs 448 hits; Chuck Moore needs 487.

Can they reach 3000?

Here's how the six Fingers' Hall of Fame batters fared after turning 35:
Bonk Blake - 806 hits (seasons 11-15)
Pedro Alvarez - 580 hits (seasons 10-14)
Nolan Wall - 456 hits (seasons 10-12)
Carlos Sanchez - 366 hits (seasons 16-18)
Esteban Rivera - 118 hits (seasons 17-18)
Clarence Black - 104 hits (season 18)

The biggest question is: how fast will the ratings deteriorate?

Ma's overall ratings are dropping faster than Moore's. Ma also had a significant drop in power since its peak. Moore's power hasn't dropped quite as hard. The makeup of Moore will keep him effective for long enough and he will reach 3000 hits. Ma will fall short.

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