Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Second All-Decade Team

There's a little under two seasons left in the second decade of the Fingers League. After the first decade we had a position-by-position vote for the All-Decade team. You can view that team lower on the blog. Most of that team are Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers. When Season 20 concludes we will have another ballot put together so everyone can vote.

Here's a quick list of some of the potential candidates. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Please comment in the league chat if I left anyone off. I'd like the list to be as complete as possible when Season 20 ends. Thanks

C - J.D. Shelby, Rick Wakeland, Darrell Rivera

1B - Chuck Moore, J.D. Aspromonte, Juan Henriquez

2B - Louie Ma, Buzz Stewart, Pascual Mesa, Horacio Martin, Alex Rivera

3B - Gary Buckley, Victor Lopez, Russ Bale, Ed Harvey

SS - Hugh McNeil, Jay Worrell, Kennie Duncan

RF - Santos Lopez, Josh Cardona, Taylor Glynn

CF - Vince Moriarty, Ike Riggs, Reid Kennedy, Del Campos

LF - Hipolito Lee, Julian Alcantara

NL SP - Leonardo Walker, Vicente Delgado

AL SP - Brad Tebeau, Boomer Charles

RP - Darwin Ledesma, Gene Greer, Al Duvall, Fausto Lee, Luis Hernandez

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dedelman said...

OK, I wanna talk about the choice of relievers for the all-decade team. Let me show some stats for 6 players:

Player A: 2.51 ERA, 57 IP per year
Player B: 2.97 ERA, 71 IP per year
Player C: 3.06 ERA, 88 IP per year
Player D: 3.49 ERA, 73 IP per year
Player E: 3.58 ERA, 57 IP per year
Player F: 4.13 ERA, 63 IP per year

Which of those players is the best? A or C, right? C's a horse, but A's better per inning. It's a tough call.

Well, players A, B, D, E, and F are the ones nominated for the all-decade team. They all have at least 191 saves. (Player A, the really good one, is Al Duvall.) Player C is Trenton's Michael Monroe, who has only 86 career saves but has been locking down the 7th and 8th innings for me since season 6, since he has the stamina to do that.

Saves aren't everything. Just sayin'.