Monday, February 21, 2011

Hall of Fame Cases

For the first time since the Fingers Hall of Fame was established there is no clear cut inductee. But there are a strong group of players with great accomplishments. We have a two guys with 200+ wins, another two with 500+ home runs and three others with 300+ saves.

Quilvio Mesa didn't accomplish any of that. He finished his career with a stellar record of 188-97. Of the seven pitchers up for nomination with 180+ wins Mesa has the lowest OAV, OBP, SLG, WHIP and ERA.  The kicker for me though was that during the three World Series runs by the Tobacco Beetles Mesa was 8-0 in 14 playoff starts.

I believe Yamaguchi is the only Hall of Fame candidate to receive an automatic nomination this season; He won four Fireman of the Year awards (a league record). The four other closers with 200+ saves that are Hall eligible combined to win only three Fireman awards.

Full Disclosure: Yamaguchi was the closer on two of my New Orleans Flashers teams that went to the World Series. He was a combined 13 for 14 in save opportunities during those two playoff runs.

Position Players
I don't think there will be a position player that makes it to the Hall. I'd be surprised if one did. Kyle Lee's stats jump off the page a bit. He finished his career with 300 HR and 300 SB. He also had a couple 30/30 seasons. But he only made 2 all-star games and his four seasons in Seattle kept his offensive numbers from being Hall-worthy.

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