Saturday, February 27, 2010

Draft 14

For a 7th straight season the first pick in the amateur draft was a pitcher. Atlanta chose Roger Haren, a left-hander from high school. He looks to be a high durability fireballer with excellent control and very good splits. Since tbuddens52 took over the Aces he has drafted an arsenal of pitchers who have yet to hit the big leagues, including: Banana Nichols, Paul Higginson, Yuu Komatsu, Douglas Winn and Sammy Bell.

It seems as high schoolers were the stronger group in the draft. 34 of 59 picks in the first round and supplemental round were high school kids. But the best hitter of the draft looks to be University of Texas grad Al Cook who went #2 overall to Jackson. Cook has the power potential to hit 50 HRs a season.

The overall consesnus of the draft quality was disapointing so let's all hope the DITR update brings us some major leaguers.

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