Sunday, January 24, 2010


Defending League Champions, Milwaukee Brewmasters, have been busy making trades to improve the roster.  Big names coming to town: Boomer Charles, Jesse Dixon and Willie Ruiz.

Capitols owner dedelman gave Juan Henriquez a dump truck full of cash to get him in Trenton. Henriquez signed for $92 mil over 5 seasons. This includes $30 mil for the first season.

Antonio Nomura gets a 5 year, $89.75 mil contract from Las Vegas. Asian call girl service in Vegas just hit the jackpot.

The war continues. mcbain10's Spartans add Armas (4 years, $50 mil) and Ransom (4 years, $38 mil). The ex-MAPS helped eliminate the Spartans from the playoffs in Seasons 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13. Good news for froidl though, he added overall draft picks 26, 35, 40 and 69. These will no doubt be packaged next season for your best prospect.

Martin went back to Trenton for 4 years, $24 mil. Governor Christie proclaimed it a great day for Trentonians and all of New Jersey.

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Fingers League. And a special welcome to all the new owners. Good luck to all!

It's looking to be an interesting offseason. The number of trades seems to be on the low side. It makes me think that some owners are shooting for additions via free agency.

And why not? 16 of us have more than $20 million to spend. Six lucky guys have over $40 million. Perennial 90-game winner Santa Cruz Spartans have a whopping $66 mil.

Four Type A free agent pitchers with a combined 646 career wins will break the bank. 34-year-old Tomas Armas is the best pitcher in league history. He, his six Cy Young Awards and seven championship rings may be moving to a new city with a possible maximum salary.

Armas' MAPS teammate Nick Ransom, and Trenton Capitols Mark Nakamura and Damian Martin round out the top 4 starting pitchers that expect to get massive contracts.

One position player that has offensive numbers to legitimize any lineup is 1B Juan Henriquez. At 27, he enters the market with 218 career HRs and a .302 batting average. He is automatically a MVP candidate if he can duplicate his Season 11 stats (.347/.479/.633).

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