Friday, December 4, 2009

Season 13 Wrap Up

American League
1. Hartford
2. Milwaukee

3. El Paso vs. 6. Chicago -- El Paso won season series 6-4
4. Salem vs. 5. Scottsdale -- Scottsdale won season series 6-4

National League
1. Trenton
2. Sante Fe

3. Salt Lake City vs. 6. New York -- New York won season series 7-3
4. Pittsburgh vs. 5. Charleston --Charleston won season series 6-4

The AL MVP race features the three best hitters in the entire Fingers League. The numbers these players put up season after season are ridiculous. Its virtually impossible to find RL players that even compare.

Chuck Moore - one-time AL MVP. 312 career HRs and only 26 years old. 70+ HRs in back-to-back seasons; 60+ HRs in 4 straight seasons; 200+ hits in back-to-back seasons; and 150+ RBIs in 3 straight seasons; career 9.8 AB/HR.

Horacio Martin - two-time AL Batting Champion. has played exactly 1000 games and has scored 1004 runs. 3 straight seasons of: .340+ avg; 150+ runs; 200+ hits, 50+ SBs.

Louie Ma - two-time AL MVP and two-time AL Batting Champion. hit .340 for the 4th time in 5 seasons; 5 straight seasons of: 35+ HRs; 100 runs; 110 RBIs.

Typical Neifi Martin Update
Came up short of the hits record but tied for second with 228. He took home the NL Batting title. And he'll more than likely take home the NL ROY. Winning the NL MVP Award will be much tougher though.

He's up against two previous NL MVP Award winners, Clarence Black and Taylor Glynn. And no player has ever taken home both the MVP and ROY awards in the same season. Only one pitcher, Leonardo Walker, has taken home the Cy Young and ROY awards in the same season.

Martin did catch a break with Cristobal Johnson not being selected as one of the finalists. Johnson led the NL in HRs and RBIs and he finished 2nd in runs scored.

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