Friday, November 20, 2009

Season 13

Can the Milwaukee Brewmasters Win the AL?

Milwaukee Brewmasters (AL)
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As of the 11/20 PM2 cycle the Brewmasters have the best record in the American League. rawdk27 has his squad on pace to increase its win total for the fourth straight season. The defending AL North Champions made it to the ALCS last season but fell to the MAPS dynasty in six games. And more than likely the Brewmasters will have to beat the MAPS to take the pennant this season.

We get a little taste of the matchup with a 3-game set in Hartford starting in the 11/21 AM cycle.

The key to the Brewmasters' success has been pitching. It's been nasty to say the least. They lead the AL in: ERA, Saves, Strikeouts, Hits Allowed, Runs Allowed, Earned Runs Allowed, WHIP and K/9 IP. The bullpen has also allowed the least inherited runners to score. With 40 games still to play the Brew have three pitchers with 10+ wins, and another three pitchers have 8+ wins.

But even with pitching so deep Milwaukee will still have to go into Hartford's bambox and face the League's most punishing lineup come playoff time. So far this season the Brew are 1-6 vs. the MAPS. After winning the season's first matchup they have lost the past six. They have been outscored 48-22 in those seven games. While being swept in three games by the MAPS prior to the All-Star Break the Brew pitching staff was bombed for 31 runs.

An interesting note about the seven games between these two teams is Milwaukee's superstar closer
Al Duvall saw action only one time. He picked up the save in a scoreless inning during the first game and never sniffed the mound again. Somehow, someway the Brew has to get the ball to Duvall with a lead.

More Neifi Martin

Neifi Martin continues to chew up National League pitchers. The 22-year old is still hitting over .370 and his recent ten-game stretch, where he went 16-for-46 (.348), actually lowered his season's average. I took a look at the real-life Major Leagues and found that only three players since 1901 have hit over .370 at such a young age. They are: Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, and Ted Williams.

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