Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spring Training -- Season 13

Welcome New Owners:
edw1225 -- Mexico City Banditos Yanquis -- NL SOUTH
pbodine -- Oakland Bohemians -- NL WEST
neldozer -- Dover Dozers -- AL NORTH
prezuiwf -- Texas Cattle Prods -- AL SOUTH

Movers and Shakers:
Portland Pooholes ---> Pittsburgh Pooholes
Baltimore Blue Crabs ---> New York Gothams
Detroit Motor City Mechanics ---> Milwaukee Brewmasters

Milestones Within Reach:
Donatello Davey is four wins from career win number 200. His Spartan teammate Norberto Almanza is 10 wins away from the same mark. They will be the first two players to reach 200 wins in league history.

Career HR leader Pedro Alvarez is 13 HRs away from 600. But the 38-year old has only hit 31 HRs over the last two seasons. Carlos Sanchez has 458 career HRs. He should hit number 500 this season and at 32 years old he has a great chance to be the eventual career HR leader.

Alex Flores will pitch in his 900th game early in the season. By the end of season 13 he will likely have pitched in 100 more games than any other pitcher in league history.

Who's the Best Overall Player in Fingers League?
According to my ratings only two players have an overall rating of 90 or higher. It's not surprising these players are both 5-tool players who stay healthy and are extremely durable.

- 27 years old; 5 ML years; drafted 3rd overall in season 5
- 4x Silver Slugger; 4x All-Star
- Career Hitting: .303 avg; 175 HRs; 152 SBs
- Career Fielding: .957 fld%; 158 errors; 19 + plays (SS,3B,CF)

- 26 years old; 5 ML years; drafted 1st overall in season 5
- 4x Silver Slugger; 4 x All-Star; 1x Gold Glove; Rookie of Year
- Career Hitting: .278 avg; 253 HRs; 103 SBs
- Career Fielding: .985 fld%; 52 errors; 14 + plays (2B,3B,1B,OF)

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