Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Season 11 Playoffs - First Round

American League

El Paso vs. Detroit
Good News: This is the first playoff appearance for both franchises.
Bad News: The winner plays a team on a quest for a second three-peat.
Season Series: El Paso 6-4; Four games decided by less than a run. 9 of ten games was decided by 3 runs or less.
Edge: Slight edge to El Paso. Only because they are the hotter team right now. They've won nine straight and 15 of their last 17.

Cincinnati vs. Boston
Good News: Neither will get the MaPS in the next round.
Bad News: History is against both teams regardless of who wins this series. The Mucklucks have never made it to the ALCS in six playoff appearances. And Boston has made it that far only once in 5 chances.
Season Series: Tied 5-5
Edge: Goes to Boston. The Brawlers lineup should be able to take advantage of the MuckLuck pitching staff. The Mucklucks only have 3 pitchers (1 spot starter, 2 relievers) with an ERA under 4.49 and the team as a whole walked nearly 4 batters a game.

National League

Colorado Springs vs. Portland
Good News: Portland won their 7th division title.
Bad News: Portland faces the 100-win surprise juggernaut from Colorado Springs.
Season Series: Portland 6-4; all four Colorado Springs victories were by 2 runs or less; while five of Portland's wins were by 3 runs or more.
Edge: Colorado Springs. The Rainbow Trout's starting pitching should outpitch Portland's. If CSP's bullpen holds up they win this series.

Trenton vs. Sante Fe
Good News: With at least two games in Sante Fe there should be some offensive fireworks in this series.
Bad News: Sante Fe has never won a playoff series in two tries, and Trenton hasn't lost a first round matchup since Season 4.
Season Series: Trenton 9-1
Edge: Trenton. The Caps have the playoff experience, they have the offensive power to match the Scorchers when the games are in Sante Fe, and they have better pitching.

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