Thursday, April 2, 2009

Season 11

We're about 50 games into the season. After going through the leaderboard, I picked a bunch of different players and pointed out what they've done so far.

MVPs? - Clarence Black and Bill Stevenson, the MVPs from Season 10, started slow this season. Both have a batting average hovering around a .270, and neither has more than 10 HRs or 20 extra base hits. To their credit, both guys have gotten hot their past 10 games. Black .351/3/16; Stevenson .375/3/9.

Simmer Down - The NL is being terrorized by a trio of power hitters. Taylor Glynn, Kris Jones, and Cristobal Johnson have hit 24, 24, and 23 HRs respectively. All are hitting over .340 as well.

Hitting, Walking, Running - Not many players do all three better than Horacio Martin. Martin, the ML league leader in walks, has 20 stolen bases, is hitting .337, and is averaging about one run scored per game.

What the F? - The Japanese fireballer, Antonio Nomura, is 1-7, but leads the ML with 78 K's (17 more than any other pitcher).

Lose a Game, Blow a Save? Blow Me - In 14 games this year, Gene Greer has walked away a winner every time. He is 1-0 with 13 saves in 13 opportunities. Opposing teams are only hitting .140 off of him and his ERA is 1.29. Sorry if I jinxed him, but he's having a great season.

Wish I caught these Crabs - The Baltimore pitching duo of Taylor McKinley and B.J. Milliard are proving to be the best 1-2 combo in the league. In 20 combined starts, they are a 13-2 with an ERA of 1.40.

The Home Plate Ump Hates Me - Sante Fe catcher Harry Nieves has 11 passed balls. That's 5 more than any other catcher. But with 16 HRs and 49 RBIs, opposing pitchers hate him too.

One On = Two Outs - Tom North has enduced 14 double plays this season in 10 starts. On the hitting side, Butch Kirkland has rolled into 18 of them.

Just Stay Put - Don't try and steal a base on Lawrence Walker . He's thrown out 56.5% of base runners. No other catcher has thrown out better than 45%.

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